American Film Market

AFM is a global film market held annually at Santa Monica. It attracts film sellers and purchasers everywhere from the world. Hundreds of film exhibitors open their booths and screen their films at Loew Hotel and other places along the coast of Santa Monica. I never imagined I would have such a pleasant internship environment. […]

G2TG–Finally finished and looking to the future

I was very fortunate to have been part of the Get 2 The Game web series for Aurora Imaging Company. In June, I started as a Production Intern. My main responsibility was research for G2TG. I looked up athletes, as well as their statistics and stories, in order to focus our scope and hone in […]


I stared out into the ocean yesterday and realized that just beyond that horizon, are the opportunities that I cannot even foresee… I must continue to swim toward that horizon, and trust that the treasures are out there. The swimming symbolizes the work needed to create and/or get to those opportunities, and the horizon resembles the journey from beginning to end… the uncertainty and certainty of it all. It begins and ends with ME. Its out there, but what is it? We don't know what IT is, but we'll surely realize it when our work conveys us.

Sizzle Reel Filming for Five Star Fare

The second week in FremantleMedia, I was assigned to assist the sizzle reel filming of Larry's new show Five Star Fare. Five Star Fare is a cooking show that combines food and fame together. From a natinwide reseach, this show would selected 8 competitors, and jet them to a different defferent destination every week, where they'll […]