What have I done?!

What do I actually do as a development intern for reality TV company? Start at 9am, I will be making a so-called "Morning Report", which includes the hot headlines in the industry, interesting news, ratings for both networks and cable, tonight guests for each talk show, and the most popular You Tube videos' links, etc., and then I […]

Creative Lunch

Hey gang, I started my internship on June 4th, at the development department in FremantleMedia North America. Since it is a big name in reality TV business, a big part of my work is to develop ideas for reality shows. One thing I find quite interesting in our department is the “creative lunch”, in which […]

On-set Experience Ⅱ

Hi gang,

Today I went to the Stargate Studios for another project temporally called Bang! Bang!. It is a paintball game show and involves lots of VFX. Today is the first pre-day, which need to build a lot of props and the whole set. We have a huge green screen in the back, and all the obstacles on the stage should be wrapped by green fabrics. There are many people here to work on this, some of which are working for Stargate Studios, and some of which are freelancers who have contract with Freemantle Art Department. Tomorrow will set the lights and cameras, as well as running a little of tests. And Wednesday will be the big shooting day.


FYI, this will be my last week for the internship.

On-set ExperienceⅠ


Hi gang,

I started my internship as a development intern in FremantleMedia in LA. Although most of the work is office duties, I do have the chance to go to the physical shooting set to get my hands dirty. Just on the second week, I volunteered to help on a game show shooting in a studio in downtown. The game show is all about rating friends and oneself. The logline is: "A group of seven friends rate each other on everything from who has the best eyes to who’s screwed the most guys. They then have to guess where they rank (based on their friends’ answers) from 1-7. Guess correctly and win cash!" 

On that day, we were shooting the presentation for Logo network. My supervisor told me that the presentation, which is the “rough version” of the pilot, usually come after the network executives showed some interests in the pitched materials and are willing to invest a bit of money to see how the show would actually look like.

On the set, I was in charge of all the walkie-talkies, and I also helped with the set building. The game show was pretty fun, and all the talents had very strong personalities, which generated more drama and conflicts. On that day I fully understood that reality shows love DRAMA QUEEN!