Fred Savage

  This story is outside of my internships, but I feel that it's equally as important.   The moral: don't count on the internship to give you everything.   I say that because I feel that it's a bit of common sense. The internship, to me, is like a protein shake. It's there to supplement […]

Miley Cryus

  I was recently put into contact with an assistant at Management 360. He works on the desk of Miley Cyrus' manager. That's not all that big of a deal, but given the fact that this guy is doing what I would much like to be doing, it was a big deal to me. I was put […]

Steve Levinson

  As you all know by now, I have been interning at Leverage Management for about the past month or so. This guy I actually did meet though. Well, we said 'hello' while getting coffee, but that has to count for something! Anyways, what I've realized is that this guy epitomizes a particular level in […]

Scott Rudin

  Very simple story here.   "Know how to talk."   Most jobs require one to speak to other human beings. Most jobs require you to type up words and form sentences with those words that others will be able to ariculate and udnerstand. If you can't do that, it's a bit difficult to make […]

Mark Wahlberg

  Now, there comes a time in every interns life, or maybe it's just mine, where you have to do complete and utter nonsense. Not regular nonsense, but the utter kind. Mark Wahlberg is another client at Leverage Management. Was I tasked with running a script out to Mark's house? No. Was I asked to […]

Ben Savage

I was sitting at my desk at my acquistions internship at Mar Vista Entertainment when my boss asked me to review some submissions that had come in. They deal with primarily lower budget films, anywhere between $500,000 and $5 million. Never would I think that I would see a film starring one of my favorite […]

Aaron Paul

  This is the story of how I didn't meet Aaron Paul. I've been interning at Leverage Management, where Aaron Paul is a client. I am a huge 'Breaking Bad' fan and once I found out that Aaron Paul was a client, I was excited with the thought that perhaps, maybe, just maybe, I'd get to go […]