Not Quite Ari Yea, I worked at an agency… a smaller agency, but an agency nonetheless. The agent that I worked for wasn't Ari Gold, or anything of the ilk, but she was dedicated. In that regard, they shared a commonground. It would appear as though agents couldn't care less about you, but it is quite the […]


I stared out into the ocean yesterday and realized that just beyond that horizon, are the opportunities that I cannot even foresee… I must continue to swim toward that horizon, and trust that the treasures are out there. The swimming symbolizes the work needed to create and/or get to those opportunities, and the horizon resembles the journey from beginning to end… the uncertainty and certainty of it all. It begins and ends with ME. Its out there, but what is it? We don't know what IT is, but we'll surely realize it when our work conveys us.

Get A Car, Dog. Get A Car…

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and those of you who haven't quite decided. I'm Travanti, and would like to imbue you with the wisdom needed to get you closer to your goals. Well let us hop right to it. Do you see the thing below? Yea, that is a car… I know it looks like an awesome retainer case, but it is a car. Get a vehicle before you get to Los Angeles, it is an extremely horizontal city (If only they had Sim City 4 back when they plotted this town out), they did not have people, with feet, in mind when they mapped the 100 mile metro area out.

People in the industry are very quick and they want results, and with that, comes the needed ability to generate that result with a shuttle with wheels. Riding the metro city bus can potentially compromise you, depending on the neighborhood that you're in and your ethnic make-up haha. For instance, I got into a random brawl with Medium Joker from Next Friday at a bus stop in Sun Valley because I didn't have a car at the time. Crime can occur anywhere and at anytime, but you can certainly reduce the likelihood by putting yourself into a better position to be both safe and successful. Oh, the fight? It turned out just fine, I'll leave the rest to your imaginations. Get a car, stay out of Sun Valley, and have a good time!

Peace Sign.