Court being a tourist outside of Roc Center

It’s All About Perspective

  Sometimes it takes someone on the outside to put your life in perspective. I’ve been exhausted, over worked, and broke for the past few months and I was just about to reach my breaking point …until Courtney Banks (of sequence 65 – you know me being sequence 64.5 and all) asked if she could […]

Money Maker or Dream Chaser

T'is the season …and I am broke! As you recall, I'm dividing my time between two internships: Sway In The Morning on Sirius Radio and The Wendy Williams Show. I am having so, so much fun — but when I get home after 10-14 hours days of work I am POOPED. I want a part time […]

The Zenith

I'm roughly six weeks into each internship and I'm finally reaching that zenith point — where my hard work, early mornings, and late nights feel like I'm working for the company. And I mean really working. I think the change come one day when I said to myself "you need to become the company". After that I […]

Black Girls Rock!

One thing I was sure to do while being a bum was to giving my time while I have to my non-profit. We petitioned, we made calls, we begged you all to vote …then we won!  Thank you SO much to everyone who took a second out of their day to vote! I hope everyone […]

The Burn Out

  I am officially entering the burn zone. I am bouncing between Sirius Radio at 6am then running across midtown Manhattan to The Wendy Williams Show. I calculated how many hours I've worked last week –rounded out to a nice 66+ hours …for free.  I know I have to pay my dues — but SHEESH!  […]

DeVon Inspiration

See what I did there —DeVon Franklin Divine Inspiration …got it? No? Okay. Well follow my story anyway…  I meet a new celeb at Sway In The Morning every single day;  I do pretty well with them too! (can't make any promises for when Usher comes around, but I think we're safe for now.) The other […]

Benefits of Being A Bum!

So, you guys all left me in May and went on into the world. I hope between now and then you've all gotten enough coffee and taken enough chipotle orders to last you a lifetime.  While you all were beginning your journeys into the world of entertainment extravaganza, I was reliving the bootcamp. Yeah. Bootcamp. […]