Going the Extra Mile

One of the things that I have learned during this internship is knowing that each opportunity we get no matter what role we have is an opportunity to grow. I have always had a strong production background and yet I embraced an internship position that worked my research and left brain skills. Research is so […]

Thinking “Outside” of the Box

It is imperative when doing an internship to do more and your best. When I was asked to do research. I could have simply sent a bland word document with data, website links and sited resources. However, I decided to be a bit more creative and put together a power point presentation that would be […]

Managing Projects and Your Time

I learned that during an internship where one can telecommute, one is tempted to take on alternate projects. Sometimes we have to be careful with what we put on our plate. For me, doing a research internship allowed me to do the IA position at Newhouse for the summer. However, when we look for opportunities […]

Telecommuting Internship

Originally I had planned on working in NYC, but then made a connection with someone in Los Angeles that stated that there may be a job lined up for me at a major studio. I was really excited, almost ready to make the move but on their end, the job fell through. Luckily, I made […]