I have to write 10 posts. Fail

  Don't be like me new sequence. Make sure you take enough credits during the year so you can take your internship course next summer for 1 credit and don't have to write 10 posts. Just kidding Schoony, I love writing blog posts.  OK so what else can I tell you guys? I'm officially done […]

Look Ma I Made It

I got a job! The agony is over! So about two weeks ago the office PA at Top Model moved on and they hired me to replace her. I seriously couldn't be happier. I absolutely love my two bosses and this is a great time to start and be in the office. The show is […]

Game over, Now what?

  So as the summer went on and I got comfortable and my internships the panic slowly came back. What do I do once the internships are finally over? How do I survive when I'm not a student? My excuse thus far had been "Mom I'm still technically in school, pay my bills, pleaseeee" And […]

Reality TV Development!

I loveeeee reality tv but I can honestly say I had NO clue what went into creating reality shows. I assumed it would be a pretty simple process and I was seriously wrong. The development company I intern for had a pretty small team. There was the President of the company, the man who created […]