The importance of negotiation

     I spent several days with the international operation people in this company. They are responsible for dealing with the contracts, royalties and financial issues. Dom has been in this company for a long time and he is mainly responsible for negotiating distribution rights with other countries and several legal issues.  Helga is new […]

Script meeting

  The weekly script meeting in this film company is curcial. Every intern is encouraged to participate this script meeting that is held by the CEO. Basically, during each period of time, the company will receive several scripts. The development person will have an overally look at those scripts first and he will assign each […]

Speaker 1

   One of the indispensable components for this internship is speaker. Almost every other week, certain department in this company will give us a meeting to talk about their department's function and their opinions in terms of the development direction in this industry. So far, I was given 4 speaker meetings and I actually learned […]