This can’t be work

Although I was and stilll really don't exactly know what I want to do exactly, you know you're getting close when the thing people call going to work, you find fun. On paper going to sit on a radio show for 4 to 5 hours, not get paid yet do most of the work doesn't […]

You should never lie

It's soon going to be time for football. Camps are well under way and with training camps come training camp shows. Four hours coming from wherever your favorite team may be. 32 teams in 18 days. Doesn't seem to difficult. In essence we do the same thing we do every show, just augmented a lot. […]

Working with People

No matter where you end up in the open world of Television- Radio- and Film you will have to deal with people. Not only will you have to deal with people but you are going to have to deal with people that have a history that you don’t know about and you will have to […]


I’m not one to be awestruck when I run into celebrities, probably because I’ve never run into celebrities. Running into celebrities at Sirius isn’t really a big deal since it’s a routine thing. The first  celebrity I had the opportunity to run into was our beloved Oprah. I shared and elevator with her and 4 security guards that […]

What it do?

The reason why I love radio so much is because it’s a fairly simple job. My main responsibility is to just help out the show as much as I can. The first few days I just sat their, talked with the guys and just got to know the place.  After that I helped out with […]

Day 1

I’m not a  morning person. I do not wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy (BTW what ever happened to Keisha?). So when my boss Dave gave me a call asking me if I could be there for the morning show on the NFL Channel at SiriusXM, that kicks off the day at […]