Random Reflections

So, I guess this post is meant to describe more of what and how my Syracuse experience has served me thus far in the world. Ironically enough, the most love I've gotten from my "Newhouse Mafia" crew has come from a few of the undergrads that I worked with on a student-run weekly music show […]

Notes to Sequence 65

So, I know a lot of the other sequence bloggers have mentioned a lot of what they learned from Professor Dubin and rehashed some of the other interpersonal maxims that were passed down to us. A lot has been mentioned of this discrepancy between formalized networking and personal relationship building as an important thing to […]

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and video is worth a million!

Here are a few pics of the Arts Center and where we work day-to-day. These are our makeshift offices. The majority of the crew, at least in post, is actually from LA, they moved almost everyone out from the West Coast so as to be able to accommodate Howard Stern's radio show schedule. We've settled […]