Messing Up – It Happens (6/7)

Administrative duties are not my forte, but knowing how to work the front desk is essential in an office setting. And the most important thing to remember when doing admin work is if you make a mistake, fess up to it and then fix it. I’ll admit I had two problems working the front desk […]

The Benefits of Staying Late (5/7)

So, I’ve already talked about working full-time, now lets talk about something that you may not want to do all the time, but is absolutely, 100% necessary if you want to make a positive impression with those you work with – staying late. You’re probably thinking, who in their right mind wouldn’t stay late if […]

Learning from Writing Coverage (3/7)

My internship is more like an extension of my education about the business, which I’m grateful for because I’ve learned a lot at Scenario. And if you’re looking to be a writer or to get into the development side of the business, then finding an internship where you’ll be doing a lot of coverage is […]

Advice for Sequence 65 (2/7)

Sequence 65, here is some advice for you about your time at Newhouse. Take electives that you want to take, not what you think you should take. And if you want to take TV Production, do it in the Fall and don’t schedule other production type classes at the same time because one production class […]