It’s all about balance!

One thing I wish to have changed while at Syracuse is to have a more balanced school and personal life. I was so busy and focued. I participated in stage and film productions, produced my show, which you can check out on my website! I was a co-host for Clear Channel radio. I sung […]

Internship is Over… now what?!

Dear Sequence 65, I hope all is well with you! So, now that my internship is over, what 's next? Right?! Well, I have an opportunity to be hired by Discovery Communications, however I'm definitely keeping all of my options open until a position is available. You know all of those networking events I told […]

The answer should always be, YES!

Dear Sequence 65, As a prior Production Assistant for the C.W. I made many connections and one thing a producer told me was most people in the business don't like to be networked at. I thought it was good information regardless on how it sound, beacuse in college (life overall) most of what you hear […]

Have Faith!

Hello Sequence 65, my name is Kaira! Currently, I’m a Creative intern at Discovery Communications for Discovery Studios. I work for the reality television show TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive. My responsibilities vary, but everyday without change I work with the casting team. I remember the day I got an email from the Executive Producer. I was […]

Trust Yourself!

When I began as a graduate student at Newhouse I was accepted as a Broadcast and Digital Journalism (BDJ) student. My goal was to add to my natural creative gift as an on air talent, to produce my own television talk show, telling phenomenal stories of those who are in the community, but as time […]