When Did I Get A Virtue?

As I sit, sadly writing my last post, I began to wonder.  What was the most important thing that Adam taught me?  I moved to LA, with no steady job and no leads.  I scurried through dozens of job postings for things I was either under qualified for or over qualified for, mostly under qualified.  […]

Going Commercial

During one of our meetings Adam discussed the importance of writing something commercial.  He stated that something that is in the genre of horror, action, comedy or a marriage of the three is looked at and sold much faster than anything else in Hollywood.  He stated this is where his journey began.    He went […]

Writing versus Working

Jobs.  This is on most of our minds right now.  Where do I find employment when I know NO ONE?  I immediately felt an urgency to find gainful employment during my first few weeks in Los Angeles.  I mean, we all have to eat and sleep somewhere and not all of us have the luxury […]

Where the Hell Am I?

My name is Joey Jesse Reynoso and I am a writer.  In other words, I am in for a long road of unemployment and rejection.  But it doesn’t have to be!  I moved to Los Angeles in mid-June as a writer with a mentorship with Emmy award-winning writer Adam Mazer.  But I want to focus, […]

The Incomparable Adam Mazer

My name is Joey and I have a writing mentorship with Emmy award winning screenwriter Adam Mazer.  First off, our first meeting took place through email.  Due to Adam’s rigourous schedule (he has one film in post, one in production and two in pre-production), he was not immediately available for a sit-down meeting.  So, we […]