G2TG–Finally finished and looking to the future

I was very fortunate to have been part of the Get 2 The Game web series for Aurora Imaging Company. In June, I started as a Production Intern. My main responsibility was research for G2TG. I looked up athletes, as well as their statistics and stories, in order to focus our scope and hone in […]

Do your research!

The creation of any motion picture project is considered to have three separate parts: pre-production, production, and post production. Although these are very different phases of the production process, if any single part fails, the whole project suffers. I encountered this exact problem during a shoot that was scheduled for this week. We are in […]

Welcome to Newhouse!

  Hello readers! My name is Josh Dunst, and I'm a member of Sequence 64.   First off, I want to welcome Sequence 65 to the Newhouse Mafia. It is a wonderful place to learn and build relationships that will assist you in both your personal and professional lives.   When I look back over […]

Technology and Production

  It amazes me just how significant the role of technology is in production. Of course, newer and better equipment should yield better final products. Whether it be lenses, cables, monitors, cameras, etc, new technology can be a very efficient way to improve a picture. I think of the movement from analog to digital, and […]

It always works out in the end

I recently finished my internship with a production company called Aurora Imaging Company, based out of Philadelphia, PA. My internship quest was interesting because at different points, I thought I would be different places. At first, I was dead set on a development internship located in Los Angeles. Early in the program, I was focused […]

No Sir?

The other day I was on set and I had two lenses in my hand. The lenses were no longer in use, and had to be returned to their cases. Unfortunately, I could not open the cases while my hands were full. One of the camera operators came over to me and took one of […]

Secret Weapon

One of the projects we are working on at Aurora Imaging Company is called “Secret Weapon”. It’s essentially a piece showing how the nation’s top high school football players get an edge on their competition. This is not to be confused with our other project called “Get 2 The Game”, which outlines top high school […]