Na…na na na…nanananaaaa…

(Post 7/7) So this is it. As soon as this posted, I've pretty much completed every requirement for this course and the Sequence as well. It's so strange. I can feel this odd sense of finality as the words leave my fingertips knowing that every word brings me closer to the end. I had enough […]

Ragnarok Proofing

(Post 6/7) At Plowshares Media, my current task is manage their footage so it will be easier to edit when it comes time to make a rough cut of sorts. So much footage spread across so many cards. Most of my day is spent just plain transferring it from the drives into Final Cut (of […]

No Sleep til’ Brooklyn

(Post 5/7) Los Angeles, California. That’s the dream now isn’t it? You go there and you get the be the merry makers and the crafter of dreams (even though, no matter how whimsy you make it, you’re still receiving orders from some suit and the suits who claim they’re not suits are the worst of […]

Let Us Start at the Start

(Post 1/7) One year ago I just finished my undergrad and sat waiting for the semester to begin at orientation. It’s hard to believe how quickly a year has flown by. As far as I know, I’m still waiting for that first summer semester to begin. But a year has come and gone and now […]