Thats what friends are for!

The best piece of advice you can get right now is: MAKE FRIENDS! And I don't mean in general or in a networking way. Just real genuine friends in your sequence. Its easy to think  that theres no point in making a real connection with the people in your sequence because you'll only be with […]

do not be me

OK Sequence 65 I'm going to give you a little advice! When it comes time for you to do this lovely blog(in case you cant read my sarcasm trust me its there). Just hurry up and get it over with! Hopefully yours will be up right when you start your internship( *cough* schoony *cough*) so […]

Cast off

I never realized how much of a headache casting could be. I always assumed that people would be happy and grateful to get a part in a paying production. That is so not the case at all! My internship had me send out a casting call for 100 non speaking extras and 1 main character […]