A Gentle Push

  As you could probably tell from my last entry, I was thinking about this all wrong.  Last week I met up with an old friend of a friend of mine who is currently the admissions and communications manager of a local Montessori school. He had given me her email, as you do, in the […]

Movie Creationism

              My internship ends this week. I've been at Rule for 12 weeks, which they have any intern do for them during the summer. We were asked to make a video as a sort of homework assignment (the majority of their interns are undergrads between semesters), which they post […]

I Love That Dirty Water

You can go home again. You’ll wonder what you’re doing there, but then again, if you don’t want the bright lights or the big city, the Hollywood sign or the phony-ness, the honking horns or the skyscrapers, the cockroaches or the unpredictability, no health insurance, no friends, no lover, no family, a subway map, a […]