Visit the CDC, OFTEN!

  Hello Sequence 65,         I hope you all are as ambitious and excited as we were to get started so we could start looking for internships and jobs, but if not get excited ASAP! You will soon realize that the people, who have graduated, currently teach and/or attended programs at Newhouse […]

Volunteer and meet legends

During the first few weeks of my internship there was an email sent out asking for people to volunteer as escorts for honorees and speakers for the NCAA's newewst building dedication ( the Brand building, building named after the late Myles Brand, past president of NCAA). Me being the proactive intern that I am, responded […]

Who am I? That Dude. Where am I? Chasing my dreams. How did I get here? Read and find out

  Hello to my fellow sequence 64 classmates, Sequence 65 and anybody else who happens to stumble upon this post looking for inspiration while on your road to success. Even though I haven't reached the pinnacle of my career, I'm well on my way. Now without sounding too much like a politician I'm going to […]