Shadowing – Taping (part II)

Dear readers, This is the final post about my experience shadowing a Nickelodeon series at Paramount Studios, in Los Angeles. The previous post was about the actual shooting of the episodes. Between rehearsals, meetings with network representatives and executive producers took place, in order to address their suggestions (mentioned during the table read) and how […]

Shadowing – Taping (part I)

Dear readers, As you might remember, I’ve been posting about shadowing a Nickelodeon series at Paramount Studios, in Los Angeles. The last post was about rehearsals and this one will focus on the taping process. There were two full days of shooting. For the chimp episode (see last week’s post), they didn’t use a live […]

Shadowing – Rehearsals

Dear readers, Continuing with the series of posts about shadowing a television series geared towards kids and teenagers, after the table read and subsequent writers meeting (which would happen daily, as the script would change), rehearsals began. They’d happen in two stages: the regular set (used in every episode) and the set built specifically for […]

Shadowing – The Writers’ Room

Dear readers, As my last post reported, I shadowed a Nickelodeon series at Paramount studios. After the table read, the writers gather in their room and go through the list of suggestions (and compromises) made by (and with) the network and the production company. It’s interesting to see how they may find some network suggestions […]

Shadowing – The Table Read

Dear readers, Tonight’s episode will continue reporting what it’s like to shadow a television series geared towards kids and teenagers. That is, what, as a fly on the wall, I could observe in the different stages of pre-production and production of a weekly episode. Clearly, every (type of) show could have a somewhat distinct daily […]

What’s shadowing, anyway?!

Dear readers, In our Television, Radio and Film graduate course, most students finish their credits doing an internship. That could happen in a variety of types of companies and usually lasts from a month to three. However, there’s one road less travelled, that may appeal to some of you next year. After leaving Syracuse, I […]

64, going on 65

Dear readers, I’m Erika, one of the Sequence 64 students who will try to provide insightful information about our first endeavors in the entertainment industry. Quite a difficult task, I must say, but hopefully these posts will be helpful to some of you. As all of my colleagues, I spent a year committed to Newhouse […]