Make the best and Most of it all

Since my requirements for the 4th wall were only 5 post i shall make my 5th one a recomendation to the next sequence. I honestly went into Newhouse knowing I was going to meet new people and build some connections but i didnt know that I would leave with such an amazing family of friends […]

You basically know nothing…it helps

I dont mean this literally but you must enter into this industry understanding that you all youve done in school and learned is basically null and void. You must go into a job with the mindset that you're learning everything again from the beginning. Now don't go in there stupid of course, but understand that […]

Ill add my seven cents for S65

I know many of my fellow sequence 64 class mates have told you about how they made it  where they are at and what they are doing now. As ive read all their comments I wish had been able to read these before starting grad school. That would of been the transition much more easier.  […]

Out on Location

  Being able to work with the photogs gave me a big change to really get to see all that DC has to offer. I was able to visit places that most wouldn't get to see. On this day I got a chance to visit the Walter Reed Hospital out close to Bethesda, MD and […]