Glimpse into production

Pretend you already have the Job…

Work ethic is everything! Though you may be, only the "intern", but people will treat you accoding to how you carry yourself. I'd reccomened working as if you were already on payroll. Here are a few tips…

1. Own your Work Space: Set up an area for you and your work. Make it know that people can look for you here to handle whatever they need. This is the space where you come up with solutions and quality ideas to contribut to the group.

2. Be clear about what you want to learn and who you want to be: Do whatever is asked of you but always make it know what role you are most interested in. You are not only there for the company but they are there for you as well. Make sure that you are learning things that are useful and important to you. Find the person in the office that is who you want to be and cling to them. Having the courage to speak up and ask to be taught is admirable and wont go unnoticed. 

3. Pull more than your weight: Most days I worked 12-14 hours. I didnt always have to but that was how many hours the regular crew worked therefore I decided to stay. Complete task without having to be asked or coaxed. Help out wherever and whenever you can.

4. Be confident in your position: Try not to be the timid intern. Stay sure of yourself and your responsibilities. Dont second guess yourself and shy away from responsibility. Be certain in your answers and believe in yourself and what youve learned thus far. My Workspace!

Wear Many Hats…And learn to make them all fit

During the week that I actually interned I had a hand in everything. I helped to set up and break down of course but I found myself in areas of the production that I had never ventured prior to. Randomly one day I offered to help our head of wardrobe. I spent the entire day with her sewing on boy scout patches one by one. From then on I was kind of her go to for assistance. I steamed clothing, sewed buttons, searched for shoes, and kept up with her receipts. When the audio guy had time I would chat with him and let him know that I wanted to help out. I never had a real interest in audio but it’s a matter of someone trusting you to do the task. Also while there I worked on the props team and assisted the producer. The hardest had to wear was DRIVING! I was asked to drive a box truck in NYC. Well I met them half way…I drove the 15 passenger van instead in NYC traffic all by myself. This was definitely a hat that I had to make fit. My efforts never went unnoticed and you will come to find out that you are admired for your bravery. Always strive to be full of solutions, solutions, solutions.

Embrace Your Location


When on location be sure to always be aware of your surroundings. Nine times out of ten you will be asked to go and find something that is needed for the shoot and you will need to find it fast. Side note…no one cares if youre not from around the area and are new to the city. Make sure that you are prepared with apps such as “local” and “around me”. Don’t forget hop stop if you’re in a metro area. You need to focus on being resourceful and responsive to the needs of the crew. Knowing what stores (hardware, grocery, clothing, antiques) are close will always come in handy. The goal is to be the problem solver and knowing where to get what is a large part of that. During my internship we shot a sketch that called for an old skeleton key. The prop was purchased days prior but was misplaced the day of the shoot. Without letting the director know of the mishap, the PA and I huddled together to locate a store that carried the key. Pressed for time we managed to find it and I traveled to purchase it all before the shoot began. All went well but it took teamwork and knowledge of our surroundings. The PA thanked me for helping to “save her ass” and has gone out of her way to help me since. 

Don’t be afraid to get wet

 I arrived early and met the entire crew. I helped to unload and to set up. After that was done I spent most of the day running back and fourth getting coffee and craft services, which I didn’t rally mind because the store and café was pretty close. About mid afternoon I was asked to go and pick up some dinner orders that were to be used as props. On my way to the diner the sky opened and the rain began to pour. I was without an umbrella and no raincoat but I kept going. When I arrived to the diner I discovered that the dinner order was HUGE! It was far too much for one person to carry (and I was raining really hard). I packed it all up and did my best to make it out of the door and back into the rain. The employees at the restaurant felt sorry for me and a kind waiter help me carry it all. When he and I made it back to the location I was soaking wet. The crew and cast just looked at me. I immediately began to unpack the props and prepare for the next scene. My producer apologized for sending me out in the rain but I smiled and told her “I wont melt”. She thought it was cool that I got the job done despite the uncomfortable conditions.