Post 10 – AP

Done in another week!  It’s been such a pleasure to work with all of these guys.  I’ve learned about the television business and feel satisfied in the investment I made into this company.  It is a business built on relationships, networking and trust.  There is very little science behind much of what is done, as […]

Post 9 – AP

Halfway done?  Is that even possible?  Time has flown in the office!  I am nearly complete with my internship, and other exciting things are happening.  I was recently able to take a meeting with the VP of Programming at HBO, picking his brain about research and the like.  I have also had two amazing phone […]

Post 8 – AP

Today, I ventured away a bit from the television sales department and actually tried to work with Josh on a side project.  I’ve written a lot of jokes and skits on my own, but never really saw myself as a “creative.”  However, since my cousin Angie is a model and has been featured on The […]

Post 7 – AP

I was finally able to screen another DVD today.  It was entitled Digital Dharma, and involved the plight of one gentleman and his life-long dedication to preserving the texts of the Tibetans.  Documentaries have always fascinated me because they can be about anything.  I’ve always possessed an affinity for documents that delve into subjects I […]

Post 6 – AP

The Canada deal finally closed!  The deal earned us nearly 80% of our quota, and was a relief to everyone in the office.  It was a grueling negotiation, as multiple concerns regarding licensing fees, window of exclusive exhibition, and others continually cropped up. On the other end, I am working a tremendous list that involves […]

Post 5 – AP

Today, I began a project logging in thick descriptions of our inventory, as well as making gains in the overall organization of the office.  I’ve suggested arranging our bevy of DVD screeners into one giant DVD case, as we have copies that are not always bundled together.  Noticing little nuances, idiosyncrasies, and inefficiencies within an […]

Post 4 – AP

In the beginning of week two, it seems as though we have a crucial deal to be made with a Canadian media firm worth nearly three-hundred thousand dollars.  Apparently, a well-known US network launched a Canadian affiliate, which made our client hesitate in selling similar content to a Canadian channel.  It’s crucial that we get […]

Post 3 – AP

Well, week one has ended and I’m still in the good graces of the bosses.  I’ve been coming in early and staying as late as necessary to finish tasks.  Although I’m not receiving payment for this internship, it is such a great environment that I simply want to stay there.  I’ve been trying to find […]

Post 2 – AP

Today, I began my training by learning how to use software called Easy Track.  It was specially created for the company, and therefore is sensitive to the types of needs and demands of the company.  Most businesses/research departments tend to use software specially designed for that firm, though there is some overlap. I was trained […]

Post 1 – AP

I haven’t worked in the private sector in a year, having formerly been a legal assistant at entertainment as well as corporate law firms.  Now, I am headed for doctoral work at the University of Florida, but not before completing an internship at Off the Fence, a television distribution firm in New York City that […]