My First Film Project Post Newhouse (Part 2)

My friend came to New Orleans and stayed for over a month. We spent most of my free time in pre-production, looking for actors and interviewing crew. This was absolutely the hardest part. With our limited time, we really had to trust demo reels and active interest. We picked the people who showed the most […]

My First Film Project Post Newhouse (Part 1)

Before I left Syracuse, Schoony gave me some advice on moving to New Orleans, where the film industry is still relatively young and a high percentage of the content is still coming out of L.A. (and sometimes New York). Schoony said I need to be an innovator, an entrepreneur, and get my name out there […]

The Big Switch

Part 2: After unexpectedly working three hours the day I was hired, learning the production office and meeting people, I returned the following Monday for my first full day. I started putting together paperwork, making copies, helping prepare for production meetings, and, of course, going on coffee runs and doing personal errands for various higher-ups. […]