Learn From Experience

I was involved with a lot of video shoots at Newhouse and before at Siena College, but with our small crews at Media Central it was an intense experience. I was in charge of working audio on location for a promotional video shoot for Paul Smith’s College. This involved great concentration, but I was also […]


It’s been great to be at an Ad Agency that does all of their own production. I have worked on Television Commercials, Promotional Videos for the web, Print Ads for newspapers, Poster design, and audio for radio. It has been challenging to move on from one project to the next, but it’s never boring as […]


My internship supervisor Bruce Carlin promised me that everything I worked on would be professional work. I have been directly involved with commercials, print and radio advertisements that have been on air. I have been on video shoots operating equipment. I would not have been able to get this experience anywhere else. My time at […]

My First Commercial

            My first project at my internship was to design props and graphics for the client Knight Automotive commercial inspired by the Olympics. I was given a task and Bruce trusted me to design a logo for that commercial that would go on an animated waving flag. Before this I […]

Right Place Right Time

One thing that really showed me I made the right choice by coming to Media Central for my internship was a common theme that occurred in stories from Newhouse Alumni. That theme was about being in the right place at the right time. My first day at Media Central was the day that employee Zach […]