Steve Levinson


As you all know by now, I have been interning at Leverage Management for about the past month or so. This guy I actually did meet though. Well, we said 'hello' while getting coffee, but that has to count for something! Anyways, what I've realized is that this guy epitomizes a particular level in the business that I seek to achieve. I'm not going to list his credits, since we all have access to IMDB, but he's done some pretty big things.

The lesson is this: know what you're after. There are many people that want to 'make it,' but don't have any sense of direction on where that 'make it' land is actually at. Having someone that you aspire to be like, whether they are working at the cubicle next to yours or on the other side of the world, is an important thing to have. Seeing their work ethic, their dedication, their skills. All of these are things that you have the ability to soak up and use to your own benefit. Now, I know that I don't know much about Mr. Levinson, having not worked closely with him, but I've kept my eyes and ears open. You hear things in the hall and whatnot. That is what I feel internships are really about. They are there to give you access to a world that you've never encountered before. If you sit at your desk with headphones in and your eyes glued to a computer screen, you're doing yourself a disservice. I eavesdrop all the time. No with the purpose of being nosey, but just for the sake of knowledge. If I want to be like Steve Levinson, I want to know how he talks, dresses, acts, breaths, etc.

Open your eyes and ears and use everything around you to gain knowledge and take the next step.