Miley Cryus


I was recently put into contact with an assistant at Management 360. He works on the desk of Miley Cyrus' manager. That's not all that big of a deal, but given the fact that this guy is doing what I would much like to be doing, it was a big deal to me. I was put in contact with this person with the help of a Syracuse professor.

Thus, here's the point: stay connected.

They always harped to us at Newhouse that your peers are who will help you to get jobs. Now, my peers are necessarily at that position yet, but it doesn't mean that my peers are limited to just those that I shared classes with. The 'Newhouse Mafia' is extensive and goes all over the country, the world even. It's important to know that and use  that to your benefit. I was a bit slow on the uptick in regards to that, but I was able to hear this person's story and just see the path that they took. I was able to bounce ideas off of him and just gauge if I was on the right track in terms of where I was taking my aspirations. It's not only beneficial from a connection standpoint, it's beneficial to your psyche. I was a bit down about not being able to find a job before talking to him, but I was reinvigorated a bit after our conversation.

It's always important to persevere. It's not easy and some of it isn't fun, but I'm trusting and believing that it will all work out in the end.