Fred Savage


This story is outside of my internships, but I feel that it's equally as important.


The moral: don't count on the internship to give you everything.


I say that because I feel that it's a bit of common sense. The internship, to me, is like a protein shake. It's there to supplement what you already 'eat.' It's not there to be the end all and be all of meals. Therefore, reading, writing, watching. All of that stuff remains important to do outside of the internship.

A friend of mine and I went and saw a taping of '2 Broke Girls' the other day (directed by Fred Savage). And it was a great learning experience. It's something that we did on our own and it is something that we thought would help us out. It's good to be immersed in that world. It's priceless to see, with your own two eyes, people doing exactly what you've been dreaming of doing for countless months, year, or decades.

TV tapings are just one example, but there are countless others. It's just that not being in the school environment can cause you to relax, which I've been a bit guilty of myself. But staying on top of yourself and pushing yourself to stay immersed in the TRF world is very, very important.

Keep pushing and keep looking for ways to find those doing what it is that you aspire to do.