Visit the CDC, OFTEN!


Hello Sequence 65,

        I hope you all are as ambitious and excited as we were to get started so we could start looking for internships and jobs, but if not get excited ASAP! You will soon realize that the people, who have graduated, currently teach and/or attended programs at Newhouse make up one of the best networks in the television, radio and film industry hands down. Besides that great network of people, the CDC is the next best resource available that you should utilize. They have a database full of Newhouse Alumni that are currently working in a variety of positions in the communications industry. They also will hold workshops through out the year on how to write cover letters/resumes, mock interviews and also the appropriate way to reach out to alumni for advice and getting to know them.

       I started using the CDC the first month I was in Syracuse. The things I most utilized the CDC for was the resume and cover letter revision service they offer. I didn't apply to an internship without first having them look over my cover letter and resume and then going back over it again after they critiqued it. While I don't expect any of you to be in the CDC every week, I do expect you to pay them a visit at least once a month until you find a group of internships/jobs you want to apply for. Even after you have that list compiled you should have them review your cover letters and resume frequently since they will more times than not need to be personalized for each position you apply for.

       With that being said, get started on the job/internship hunt early. "The Early bird gets the worm." While that was cheesy, it's very true.