Something You Need to Know about TV Show Development

TV show development is far more difficult than you think. Since the idea come out of your mind, you’d better get ready for a very long journey and a huge project to change it to a show.

The first step of the idea development is LITMUS TEST. You have to test if the show you are going to produce has the elements of great cast, story, conflict, choices, character and personality. Those are the factors that attract audience to watch from the first to final.

Now your concept of the show matches the above factors so perfectly, and you think that your boss must love it to death! But sorry, I have to tell you a truth: There are hundreds of ideas came up and pithed every day, but only 2% of them will be produced. I very appreciate your hard work on building such a beautiful show structure and congratulate you that have passed the most basic and easy part. However, there are much more you should take into consideration: 1) Budget. Make sure your budget can cover all the costs on props, studios renting, character, food and so on. 2) Schedule. There usually has a serious limited time schedule for your filming, so you have to make sure that the time of everybody could matches. Time is money. Any delays in production would cause extra costs. 3) AD sales issues. Your show needs to have some space for AD. That is the way you make money! 4) Compliance and repeatability. 5) Market. Your show has to be marketable. In order to make it marketable, you need to cooperate with research department to see who is the potential buyer and who is the potential audience. 

After you pass the litmus test and also made a good preparation for sales materials, you can hand on pitching stuff. Firstly, you should make a paper introduction that includes necessary information. Then, you need to produce a sizzle reel for you show. Just like Schoonmaker says that a video is worth a miiiiiiiillion words! If you own a very creative idea, you might want to protect it from being stolen. But sorry again, there is no law that you can use to protect a idea.  The only way to protect it is through your comprehensive ability and connection in the show, that no one can steal away.

Good job! Your show is sold! You think what you should do next is producing the show and wait the money flouring into your pocket. However, that would not bring large benefits for you.  As matter of fact, most profits come from advertisement and brand acquisition. So you have to work with brand acquisition department to see if you can sell your brand to any products and then share the bonds.