Mark Wahlberg


Now, there comes a time in every interns life, or maybe it's just mine, where you have to do complete and utter nonsense. Not regular nonsense, but the utter kind. Mark Wahlberg is another client at Leverage Management. Was I tasked with running a script out to Mark's house? No. Was I asked to organize his fan mail? No. (Though I did get a few calls from people asking for our address to send him some.) I was given the great task of organizing the back 'storage' room, which contained a large amount of Mark Wahlber posters thrown all over the place. The reason that this story is semi-cool however is because of the fact that a lot of those posters were signed by Mark. Now, did I steal one of those posters?









No. Of course not.







The thought did cross my head though. I mean, there were so many of them and no one  was going to know that any of them were missing, but I left them nonetheless. I suppose the moral of this story is that no task is too small and even when it seems like it is, treat it as though it's a big deal. As an intern, my experience has been a few tasks that I thought were beneath me, but you never know what your boss may see in your trash tossing abilities…or your ability to not steal.

Don't steal. It's bad.