Thats what friends are for!

The best piece of advice you can get right now is: MAKE FRIENDS!

And I don't mean in general or in a networking way. Just real genuine friends in your sequence. Its easy to think  that theres no point in making a real connection with the people in your sequence because you'll only be with them  for less then a year. You may think that you only  need to make "networking" connections with them to have once your out in the "real world". This is not the case at all. First of all that "year" feels like forever by the time you get to May. You spend so much time with these people that  its hard not to make deep connections from the late nights in suites or the study sessions in I personally can not imagine my life without the people I became friends with in Newhouse.

Making friends does not only effect your time in school but  the aftermath as well. i do not know what i would without group  of friends that I have now. They understand what  I'm going through job hunting wise. They know that working in TV does not mean that I will actually be on TV or know every single direct actor or write in the world. And they have the same passion as me to do what we really want to do. We all encourage each other and don't see each other as competition. I have gotten emails from people in my sequence who  saw a job posting thought of me and sent it my way. Whenever I've had the opportunity to extend a job opportunity i always think of my Newhouse peers first. If it wasn't for certain 64ers I wouldn't have had any of the opportunities I've had. They are my pep talkers, my ego boosters,  my paper checkers, my spell checkers, my moral compasses, and my go toers for any tough life changing questions. They have been there for me through really tough times and awesomely great times this past year and I wouldn't trade them for anything