do not be me

OK Sequence 65 I'm going to give you a little advice!

When it comes time for you to do this lovely blog(in case you cant read my sarcasm trust me its there). Just hurry up and get it over with! Hopefully yours will be up right when you start your internship( *cough* schoony *cough*) so that should make it easier. Set yourself a deadline or goal like 1 a week. DO NOT think you can just sit down one  night and bust them all out. The evidence that that does not work is write here in Sequence 64s posts. Almost half of our class still needs to write posts and the "deadline" is tonight. Check back tomorrow and see how many are posted just before midnight! Once you get into the groove of working and being out of school you will most likely forget about the blog. Or you may be like me and my friends and talk about how we need to  do it but never really do it. Seriously though if you try and write one once a week just about what happened that week it should be hard. If you don't you will probably be like me making an "advice" post like I am to make up my last blog. Coming up with material can be very stressing. trying to sound insightful and wise is not as seeing as it seems! We all want you to look at our blogs and think  we really know what we are talking about. But really how many of you are going to really read this? Truth  is only a few months ago we where exactly where you are today (telling schoony we read the blogs when we really only skimmed a few). It might seem  like a world away but  is a lot closer than you think and not a scary as you think. It is a frustrating as you may think to  start out but thats true really for any career. So just take a breathe and relax you will get to where here soon and will be stressing ( or pretending to  stress) about these blogs. Trust me you will love being here because while you maybe worried about this blog, if your doing this blog that means you are pretty much done!!! Congrats!