Ben Savage

I was sitting at my desk at my acquistions internship at Mar Vista Entertainment when my boss asked me to review some submissions that had come in. They deal with primarily lower budget films, anywhere between $500,000 and $5 million. Never would I think that I would see a film starring one of my favorite childhood actors, Mr. Ben Savage. The film, the name that I will not give out here, wasn't that good. It was actually pretty bad. The difficult part of this whole internship, really, was realizing that I was the person killing others dreams. Things came by my desk and I was given the task of writing up a brief blurb about what the film was about and if it was good and all of that. If it wasn't good, the project died there. Being a roadblock to people that believe in something, it's a bit difficult to stomach at times. I know that there will be others in the future that are put in the position to reject something that I've spent a lot of time and a lot of effort on. Knowing that, it's a bit sobering. I was greatful for the opportunity that Mar Vista gave to see what is out there. In a position such as that, I realized that people go to great lengths to put their projects together. Getting the money, the talent, even getting someone to just look at what you've done. That's all difficult. So, I feel bad a bit for turning down Ben Savage.