Aaron Paul


This is the story of how I didn't meet Aaron Paul.

I've been interning at Leverage Management, where Aaron Paul is a client. I am a huge 'Breaking Bad' fan and once I found out that Aaron Paul was a client, I was excited with the thought that perhaps, maybe, just maybe, I'd get to go on a run or something to meet him. Maybe he'd come into the office. Well, he did both of those. And I wasn't around for either. The whole thing is that may schedule only allows me to work Mondays and he went into the office on a Tuesday or something. The run was given to another intern for a day that I wasn't there. She and I had gotten close, so she called me and told me about him having a grand old conversation with her and all of that jazz. Moral of the story? Well, I'm not sure that there is one, I'm just sad I didn't get to meet Aaron paul.