Reality TV Development!

I loveeeee reality tv but I can honestly say I had NO clue what went into creating reality shows. I assumed it would be a pretty simple process and I was seriously wrong. The development company I intern for had a pretty small team. There was the President of the company, the man who created Extreme Makeover, The VP (SU alum) and another exec under him. Those three were usually the ones who went to the networks to do the pitches. Then there was the Director of Development, who I worked under. There was also an assistant and the receptionist. On the other side of the office was another team who worked with the Executive in charge of production. They recently sold a show to TNT so all the prep was being done for that production. 

It was definitely an exciting environment because I got to see first hand how LONG it took and how many people it took to get the show going before any production was done. It's really cool because I've always wanted to be a producer and I guess I never realized how much work is done in the office before any shooting ever gets done. It was great to be able to see that entire process unfold and at the same time be involved with development. On the development side I guess I never really thought about how these reality shows get made. We would have our meetings and people would pitch ideas and subjects and then from there the interns would get assigned to them and we did research, TONS of research. My first assignment was plumbers, I had to find America's most interesting plumber with a huge personality. I worked on a bunch of other assignments over the summer but it took me about 2 months and 160 plumbers until I found the perfect one! I actually skyped him my last week on the job, my boss loved him and hopefully it works out! It was an eye opening experience because development was a side of the business I didn't really know about and now is something I would seriously consider working in at a later time in my career.